Experiences we’ve created in
the past include: 

  • Keynote TALKS

  • Book Tours

  • Event Hosts


  • Meet + Greets

  • Live Entertainment

  • town hall + internal meetings

  • Workshops

Disruptt Live Events works with Fortune 500 companies, multi-national organizations and institutions around the world to create one of a kind, meaningful experiences. 

Gone are the days of one off events that audiences walk away from, today it’s all about creating one of a kind, personalized experiences that audiences walk away raving about - and sharing on social media to a larger audience.

We work with brands, organizations and institutions to create curated events that amplify your message and highlight your brand to your audience. 

Have another idea for an event?

Let us know what you’re thinking...

We'd love to discuss it with you and create a one of a kind experience.